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Color settings


Post by Restless Rancor » October 28th, 2018, 6:12 pm

I had a little trouble getting a text input box configured properly for use as a HTML color setting for the shields in Attachment Shields.

It wasn't too difficult getting it working within the ACP:

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$this->config->set('ashields_color', trim($this->request->variable('ashields_color', $this->config['ashields_color'])));

Code: Select all

'ASHIELDS_COLOR'	=> $this->config['ashields_color'],
... and I could call {{ S_ASHIELDS_COLOR }}, which would show the saved result, but it wasn't being assigned to the global templates correctly.

What I had:

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'S_ASHIELDS_VERSION_ENABLE'	=> $this->config['ashields_version_enable'] ? true : false,
... should have been:

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'S_ASHIELDS_COLOR'	=> $this->config['ashields_color'],
... I was trying to assign a Boolean 1 or 0/yes or no value to something that was not a Boolean value.

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

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