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Post by Restless Rancor » October 19th, 2018, 4:50 pm

I've been using tags in my snippets and have been successful so far in keeping them consistent.

Now that I've started to develop my first extension, it's probably worth re-thinking the colors I categorize things under, and to update where necessary.

So, with examples, here's how I'll be using them on

php Version:
phpBB Version:
Extension Version:
Snippet Version:
Downloads/Views (Attachment details):

You can also use this as a bbcode. If you're referring to any of the above, please try to use the same colors. Here's what's above, in BBcode format (minus the plain text):

Code: Select all

[shield project=php version=>=5.4 color=purple][/shield]
[shield project=phpbb version=3.2.3 color=green][/shield]
[shield project=users_post_count_on_index version=0.0.2 color=yellow][/shield]
[shield project=downloads version=15694 color=80b3ff][/shield]
I had some trouble getting the BBcode to read <, >, = and @, but the person who wrote the phpBB BBcode code came to my rescue.

Note: (Some) other shields you see will actively change color if a specific condition changes, such as the uptime percentage in the footer: Image

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

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